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“Mickey's Delayed Date”
Mickey's Delayed Date - title card
Original theatrical release date October 3, 1947
Re-dubbed air date May, 2010
Written by Art Scott
Directed by Charles A. Nichols
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Mickey's Delayed Date is a cartoon created by Walt Disney in 1947.


Minnie Mouse is calling Mickey to remind him about their date, which he has totally forgotten about while sleeping on the couch. With the help of Pluto, Mickey gets dressed for the date, but loses the tickets to the show on his way out the door. Pluto takes the tickets to Mickey, after his suit has been ruined by water from a passing car, and then Minnie arrives and tells him he has a cute costume for the "hard times" costume party.


  • The telephone has no wire when Minnie is yelling at him.
  • When Mickey is leaving the house, his cane, formerly topped with a crystal, is now hooked on the end. It soon reverts to crystal-topped. Later, when he runs after his hat, he has no cane. But after falling out of the trash can he has the cane again, now hooked.

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