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“Pluto and the Gopher”
Pluto and the Gopher - title card
Original theatrical release date February 10, 1950
Re-dubbed air date June 11, 2010
Written by Dick Kinney
Milt Schaffer
Directed by Charles Nichols
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Pluto and the Gopher is a Pluto cartoon released in 1950.

Synopsis Edit

Pluto is taking a nap in Minnie's garden when a gopher starts eating all the flowers in the garden. This wakes Pluto up from his nap, and the gopher makes fun of him. This leads to a chase that causes Pluto to dig in Minnie's flowers. Minnie scolds him for that, and puts the dug up flower inside her house. Little did she know that she also brought in the gopher. The gophers starts looking around in the house, and it spots a picture of a beach. However, it notices Pluto, asleep on a grass carpet, and wakes him up. The dog starts chasing it again, and ends up getting tied in the garden. Feeling helpless, Pluto watches as the gopher continues to eat Minnie's flowers.

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