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“The Art of Skiing”
The Art of Skiing - title card
Original theatrical release date November 14, 1941
Re-dubbed air date March, 2010
Written by Leo Thiele
Ralph Wright
Directed by Jack Kinney
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The Art of Skiing is a Goofy cartoon made by the Walt Disney Company in 1941. It has historical significance as the first cartoon to use the goofy holler,[1] as well as being the short that led to the "How To" series, beginning with " How to Play Baseball" and continuing with "How to Hook Up Your Home Theater".


Goofy goes to Sugar Bowl Ski Resort, to learn how to ski. The name of the resort can be seen in the opening frames of the cartoon. Sugar Bowl Ski Resort was used because Walt Disney had an interest in the Sugar Bowl ski area, to the extent that one of the peaks at Sugar Bowl is named Mt. Disney after him.

The narrator mentions the alternate pronunciation of skiing as "sheeing". Another Goofy cartoon featured Goofy mentioning this to an Ancient Greek.

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